Air Oil Separator – #1622087100

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Air Oil Separator – #1622087100


Air oil separator will minimize maintenance and clean up issues. The air-oil separator is used for separating oil from water or any other liquid using centrifugal process. Atlas Copco air-oil separator comes with a capacity of 15 CFM to 1500 CFM. All our atlas Copco products will meet or exceed the original OEM quality.


Product Details

Part Number: 1622087100
HSN Code: 8414
Model: GX 7, GX 11
Optimal Usage: 4000 Hours

Size Specification

Outer Diameter: 93 mm
Total Height: 212 mm
Female Metric Thread: 24 mm
Permissible Flow: 120 m3/h
Product Net Weight: 1 Kg


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